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HairWaversUK is a small web based company operating in London, England. We have always had a passion for innovative styling tools especially ones that created beachy waves or that nineteen forties look without the salon price tag. Well,  After doing much reseach we saw that there were no UK websites that exclusively sold wavers, did tutorials or provided video links under one roof so we decided to rectify this.

Our aim was to find new, innovative, unique products that fulfilled all our customers needs then to test them on ourselves. We found the three barrel wavers to be a god send. They created beautiful natural waves in no time at all and for a fraction of the time it would take plaiting your hair before bed to achieve the same results.

Each styling tool on our website provides different types of waves or curls this depends entirely on your mood or taste. One thing we are sure of is that you will find a product to create whatever wave style you wish to achieve we also encourage customers to send in their results or tips so that others may learn from your experience.

We are passionate about waves and spend most of our free time looking for manufacturers or companies who are currently in the proccess of creating or have already created new products that are inline with our goals. This way we can provide you our customers more choices with better or quicker results. Having gorgeous wavy hair need not be a chore or a costly expense, you simply pick an item, choose where you would like it delivered, once delivered you can achieve many of the styles featured on our website within minutes. Yes, it is that simple. Because our products can be used in the comfort of your home again and again it will effectively save you time and money. If you are unsure which waver or hair styler to go for why not click on our live chat button, our online support will be happy to take all questions and quieries and will try to give as much detail as posible.

We are currently in the process of categorising each product into their own specific fields so that it is easier for you to find what you are looking for. Feedback is always welcomed and if there are any categories that you feel should be added please drop us an email.

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To all of you, from all of us - Thank you and Happy eCommerce!

Slave To Waves,

Mona, Michael & Gregory x

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